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Create EverNote Note Using Siri

I do not like the UI of my iPhone. More specifically, I do not like typing on my iPhone. With this in mind, I’m starting an experiment to see how much I can use my iPhone with the assistance of Siri. 

The first phase of the experiment is figuring out how to create a new note in EverNote through Siri. I listen to a lot of podcasts while I drive and I need an easy solution to capture ideas while driving. Therefore, if I can figure out how to use Siri and Evernote together, I’d be cooking with gas. 

My initial attempt started with “Hey Siri, create a new note with EverNote”. Siri promptly asked me for what I wanted to put in the note. I spoke my message and she dutifully recorded the note and asked if I wanted to save it. Yes, victory was mine. I opened EverNote but no note was created. What happened? As it turns out, Siri recorded my note in the native iOS Notes app. 

My second attempt started with “Hey Siri, open EverNote” and then I started a new note. With the keyboard present, I used the dictation feature on the keyboard as indicated by the arrow in the following image. 

While technically, I created a note with Siri, it required to much interaction with my iPhone. Not satisfied with this approach since it required me to manually create the note I continued on my quest. 

I would like to call it a flash of genius, but i think it falls into the category of good idea, it hit me. 

Siri is good at dictating emails. And you can configure Evernote with an email address to send notes to that will in turn be added to your default notebook. 

Eureka, problem solved. I simply tell Siri: “Hey Siri, send an email to Evernote” (I have a contact called Evernote with my pre-configured email address for capturing notes). Siri then patiently dictates my message and I tell her to send it.

Problem solved.